About us

Enovos Services is an operational holding company of the Encevo Group, Luxembourg’s energy leader, which is also composed of grid operator  Creos and energy supplier Enovos.

Within Encevo Group, Enovos Services stands for «technical  services» and ensures the group's ubiquitiy in the entire energy value  chain, beyond the traditional components grid operation and energy supply.  Enovos Services handles the group’s presence and activity in installations  and technical services in the domains of building equipment, distributed  energy production end energy efficiency.

Enovos Services’ expertise helps develop new innovative  solutions that can be implemented by its own subsidiaries (Paul Wagner & Fils, energieagence and Global Facilities) or by partners that are part of  the « diego » platform, a cooperation with the «Fédération  des Artisans».

Enovos Services is a provider of expertise in the energy domain  and aims to be a catalyst for the energy transition.


Jean-Luc Santinelli
CEO Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A.
Head of Business Unit Technical Services

Finance & Controlling

Guy Chaves
Head of Finance & Controlling
Business Unit Technical Services

Board of Directors (December 2018)

Claude Seywert
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jean-Luc Santinelli
Member of the Board of Directors

Guy Weicherding
Member of the Board of Directors

Guy Chaves
Member of the Board of Directors

The Encevo Group

Encevo Group currently employs a workforce of more than 1 900.  The group owns more than 300 000 delivery points for natural gas and  electricity and operates over 10 150 km of electrical power lines and 3 700  km of gas pipelines.

The direct subsidiaries of Encevo, Creos, Enovos and Enovos  Services, are present either directly or through their own subsidiaries or  shares in the entire energy value chain.

Encevo Group and its entire energy value chain:

The Encevo group and its main brands: